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July 2022

Response to Ukraine


The MSD Manuals are available in 12 languages and are now publishing in a thirteenth: Ukrainian.


In response to an urgent request from the MSD Ukraine team to provide clinical information to medical professionals in their native language, especially professionals caring for people outside their specialties, The Manuals team launched an all-hands-on-deck effort to create a partial translation of critical content in record time. The first Ukrainian language content was released on April 8, and a dedicated Ukrainian site went live on April 25.


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Mind-Body Connection


In June our social media team kicked off our Mind-Body Medicine campaign, helping to educate about the benefits of mind-body medicine as well as providing info on relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation and digital wellbeing. Be sure to check out the posts!



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New Website Feature


The Manuals are always looking for ways to enhance the quality of our service to users. If you haven’t visited our website recently, we invite you to check out our latest feature, auto-scroll. Auto-scroll is a tool that allows the next topic in the Manual to be automatically loaded so the user can continue to scroll without the need to think about the next topic or click to move to it.

The new auto-scroll feature will enhance our users’ experience, helping them to seamlessly locate additional topics related to their initial search.




Spotlight on Keryn


Our spotlight staff member this month is Keryn Lane, the Executive Editor of the Merck Manuals. Keryn has been with The Manuals for 32 years, 26 of them as the Executive Editor. Prior to her work at Merck Manuals, she was at WB Saunders editing Clinics. She’s a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.


Keryn’s position as Executive Editor gives her the opportunity to see and edit every professional and consumer chapter, which gives her a unique perspective of knowing The Manuals’ content in and out. Although she enjoys hands-on editing, what she most enjoys is communicating with the authors and editorial board.


When she’s not at work, you can find Keryn walking or working out with kettlebells or TRX. She enjoys cooking, trips to NYC, and hanging out with her dog Cooper.








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