September 2022

Disabilities No Longer Invisible



In October, the Manuals will be launching a new campaign across social media to shed light on “hidden” health conditions, or disabilities and disorders that are not immediately apparent. The campaign, called #HiddenHealthStories, seeks to both empower and bring awareness to the challenges people face (under the surface) every day. Promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and compassion will be a hallmark of this initiative, which is set to launch during Invisible Disabilities Week, the week of October 16-22.


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Did You Know?


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Quick! Get the Quick Facts!


Quick Facts topics, a popular feature for consumers provide short, clear answers to your patients’ health questions. They are easy to read, up to date, and provide important health information. Recently, we created a Quick Fact on monkeypox to ensure readers had an accurate source of information on this important public health concern. Take a look! Quick Facts might just become your best source for patient education.




Medical Myths Podcast


Tapping the expertise of some of our authors and Editorial Board members, the Medical Myths podcast offers engaging content to those who tune in. All four seasons are available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Not sure where to start? Here are the top five most downloaded episodes:

  1. Children’s Mental Health - Part 1 with Dr. Josephine Elia
  2. Acne Myths with Dr. Jonette Keri
  3. Hypertension Myths with Dr. George Bakris
  4. Children’s Mental Health - Part 2 with Dr. Josephine Elia
  5. Vision Myths with Dr. Sunir Garg


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In Memoriam


With deep sadness, we share the news of the passing of Dr. Jerome Hershman, MD, MS, in July 2022. He was the author of Thyroid Gland Disorders chapters and we have endless gratitude for his contributions to The Manuals. Read more about his life and legacy here.



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